Get To The Punchline With Knight Model’s New Batman Miniatures

August 10, 2021 by brennon

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There are a whole bunch of new miniatures for you to check out for Knight Models' Batman Miniatures Game. We start with a joke and one that has a decidedly deadly Punchline.

Punchline - Knight Models

Punchline // Knight Models

After Joker's falling out with Harley Quinn, Punchline enters the scene. She is a henchwoman, underboss and partner in crime to The Joker who has a little bit more of a sadistic streak. Whereas Harley could be reasonable, there doesn't seem to be much of that in Punchline's character.

Sticking with villains, but a decidedly nicer one, we have Catwoman. This is a miniature designed to match the version of her from the 60s. A rather nice model for collectors.

Catwoman TV Show - Knight Models

Catwoman - 60's TV Show // Knight Models

You could use her as a replacement for another version of Catwoman during your games but I think she works nicely as a display piece, especially if you're already knee-deep in Batman miniatures but fancy a break to do something quirky. She would obviously match up well to the rest of the cast from the era.

Next up, we're moving towards the Arrowverse. We start with Black Canary as she is quite a nice bridge between the battles in Gotham and further afield.

Black Canary Rebirth - Knight Models

Black Canary Rebirth // Knight Models

If you're looking for a leader for the Birds Of Prey then you've found her. Team her up with Barbara Gordon and you'll be on to a good thing! She does also fight alongside the aforementioned Green Arrow who has also been added into the mix recently as a new miniature.

Green Arrow Rebirth - Knight Models

Green Arrow Rebirth // Knight Models

Hood? Check. Bow and arrows? Check. Cool stance? Also, check. You better hope that the place you're traversing has a lot of branches lying around. I do like this sculpt, particularly the pose. It looks like it would be a good one for using in photographs as he looks down over a cityscape.

Quite the selection of different miniatures this time around from Knight Models. Remember to keep an eye out for more from them each month and that upcoming Kickstarter!

What do you make of these four new miniatures?

"Remember to keep an eye out for more from them each month and that upcoming Kickstarter!"

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