Puppets War Show Off Snarling Orc Heads for Orktober

October 28, 2020 by brennon

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Puppets War has a few offerings for those wanting to build up their greenskin collection this month. Two sets of Orc Heads are available for customising your 28mm miniatures, perhaps within a particularly grimdark universe.

Orc Heads - Puppets War

Orc Heads // Puppets War

The first set here offers up five different heads which have been designed to work with 28/32mm heroic scale miniatures. You get five good options for making seriously pissed off Orcs and I could see these being rather useful to help update some of those particularly old kits out there.

These don't revolutionise the look of Orcs but they should certainly come with more definition and they definitely have that menacing quality you want from your Orcs. You don't have to use these for Sci-Fi either as they'd make good Orc heads to use in Fantasy games too.

Da Hon'rble Boyz!

As well as the heads above for making your standard Orcs you've also got this set of Samurai Orc Heads which could be a nice option for those looking to make a more elite set of troops in your Sci-Fi and Fantasy armies.

Samurai Orc Heads - Puppets War

Samurai Orc Heads // Puppets War

Once again, you've got plenty of screaming and bellowing heads in the mix here and some fun helmets which look like they've been fashioned out of scrap...but nicely. I think you could use these as the leaders of particular units on the tabletop and maybe sharpen those choppas to look a bit more like katana blades instead!

What do you think of these Orktober offerings from Puppets War?

"...maybe sharpen those choppas to look a bit more like katana blades instead!"

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