Radioactive Fun Awaits With Lucid Eye’s New Releases

October 21, 2019 by brennon

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Lucid Eye has been adding a plethora of different releases into the mix for gamers this past week. We lead things off by heading Beyond The Savage Core with The Ray Twins to begin with.

The Ray Twins - Lucid Eye

Twisted and warped by the mutations that dwell in the very land they walk upon, the Ray Twins seem like they could either be a villain that you encounter on your travels or a heroic individual who is looking to help your adventurers. You could also tweak things and perhaps even make him a visitor from another planet?

Keeping with Beyond The Savage Core we also have this pack of Swamp Pests!

The Swamp Pests - Lucid Eye

Clambering around in the darkness and dragging themselves up from the mire, these little critters could be a terrifying, if small, problem for your adventurers to overcome. I love the idea of painting them up in mottled colours to reflect their home of choice.

Dungeon Lackey

As well as these cool options for Pulp gamers we also have something for traditional Fantasy folk too. Saddled with carrying more of your heroes stuff we have another Dungeon Hireling from Lucid Eye available in Metal and Plastic.

Dungeon Hireling Three - Lucid Eye

This poor fellow looks like he has probably had enough of lugging around your gear but for the coin, he'll brave any danger you throw at him. These Hirelings are a nice way to add some more colour and character to your traditional dungeon-delving group.

Are you tempted by some of these new releases from Lucid Eye?

"This poor fellow looks like he has probably had enough of lugging around your gear..."

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