Raging Heroes Slither Into Battle With New Nagalith Lust Elves

June 23, 2019 by cassn

Raging Heroes have returned with yet another addition to their Lust Elves faction: the brutal and beautiful Elves of Nagalith!


These slithering seductresses are as violent as they are voluptuous, and their strategic army combination of spearwomen and archers would make any enemy fill with utter dread at the prospect of facing them in battle.


Each elf is crafted in high-quality resin in 32mm Heroic scale and will combine with all popular miniature wargames. So if you like your women will a lot of junk in the trunk, legless, and holding severed heads, these are certainly the miniatures for you.


Raging Heroes currently have an offer on all ten figures for under half price, so you can create your army of savage snakes for a fraction of the cost! Head over to the Raging Heroes store and check them out now.

What do you think of the latest Lust Elves collection? tell us below!

"As violent as they are voluptuous!"

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