Raging Heroes Get Fired Up For Quirky Easter Specials

April 9, 2020 by brennon

Raging Heroes is getting ready for the Easter season and offering up a bunch of special releases for this coming weekend. We start with the special miniature for this year, Rabbit Lulu!

Rabbit Lulu - Raging Heroes

This Lulu has managed to find a rather special egg whilst on their travels. It turns out this dragon egg is being kept safe by a rather dangerous looking kid with a well-worn wooden sword and some carrots which are no doubt very sharp! This would be a fun character to paint up, especially in an incredibly vibrant scheme. I'm thinking bright pink or blue for the big onesie!

New Bundles

This little lady will get added into your cart if you spend over 100 Euros on their store but they have made that an option with a selection of bundles too. For example, you could pick up this Minions Pack...

Sisters Minions Pack - Raging Heroes

...or this Ressurection Force Pack instead. Both of these sets bundle together different selections of characters and a few special options too.

Resurrection Force Pack - Raging Heroes

There is plenty more for you to go and check out as part of their Easter Special Collection. We've had a look at lots of the Raging Heroes range in the past and they do some sterling stuff.

Could you be tempted to pick up some new Easter goodies from Raging Heroes this year?

"Could you be tempted to pick up some new Easter goodies from Raging Heroes this year?"

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