Raging Heroes Show Off Stylish Demons & Tribal Warriors [NSFW]

October 10, 2019 by brennon

Raging Heroes has been sharing some of the awesome painting by their community on a number of the different miniatures they have been creating over the last few months. First up we have some different takes on The Avatar Of Shaah.

Avatar Of Shaah by Malice Unhuman

The Avatar Of Shaah is a rather stylish-looking model which very much fits into the theme of both Slaanesh and Dark/Void Elves who are heading out to unleash their own brand of cruelty on the universe. The above miniature was painted by Malice Unhuman.

Next up we have a different take on the model from Path Eternal who went for a darker tone across the model, using the pale colour as a central element and then stretching it out across the model to make a more alien/demon-looking creature.

Avatars Of Shaah by Path Eternal

Finally, for the Avatar Of Shaah we have a take on the model by Vince Venturella who went with a little more of a muted take on the tones from the model above.

Avatars Of Shaah by Vince Venturella

The model is certainly very dynamic and commanding, ready to break her enemies with that terrifying demon sword which reminds me a lot of weapons from Soul Calibur! It will be a bit of a turn off for some of course, and each to their own, but it would be cool to see a version of the model where you could attach some armour plating to the rest of the body to match the legs, arms and claw.

Furiann Mordheimers

Next up we're looking to some of the newer models from their collection, the Furianns. These warriors would be great for those looking to make alternative Warcry warbands where your Chaos forces are battling across the Realm Of Chaos. However, hobbyist Inke Say has been using them as a Mordheim Warband.

Furianns #1 by Inke Say

The models have been painted in a terrifying grimdark looking paint scheme which is very reminiscent of the artwork that you might have seen from back in the day. These snarling and brutal Female Barbarians are going to be rampaging through the streets of the City Of The Damned looking for wyrdstone to steal for their patron.

Furianns #2 by Inke Say

I do like these brutal-looking versions of these Furianns. It is a big departure from the kind of over-the-top Fantasy look that we sometimes get when people paint up models for Age Of Sigmar. I think they suit Warhammer of old as well as the Mortal Realms very well indeed.

Make sure to tell us in the comments if you've picked up some of the Raging Heroes range for yourself and what games you're using the models for!

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"Make sure to tell us in the comments if you've picked up some of the Raging Heroes range for yourself and what games you're using the models for!"

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