Researchers & Revellers Arrive In TTCombat’s Carnevale

January 29, 2020 by brennon

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TTCombat are back showing off more from the world of Carnevale as even more groups join the twisting and twirling world of horrors across the streets and canals of Venice. We start with a peek at more characters for The Patricians with The Noble Revellers.

The Noble Revellers - TTCombat

This set comes with a new Fencing Master who is the hero of choice if you want to bring a new swordsman into the mix. You will also find an alternative pose for the Adventuring Noble entry in the mix, capable of hunting down monsters armed with a little bit of magic too.

You will also find the very finely dressed Barnabotti who has been shown here with a pistol in hand but you can switch it up and use a sword instead. Finally, you've also got a pair of Cat Burglars who are really good at running, jumping, climbing and of course, killing. Their pickpocket ability allows them to steal will points and objectives from your opponents which is neat!

Wild Science

As well as the new characters for The Patricians you've also got the chance to snap up some rather crazed Doctors. Here we have the La Grazia Researchers.

La Grazia Researchers - TTCombat

Here we're looking at another round of absolutely fascinating looking characters who have been sculpted to show off quite the range of movements! Leading the pack you've got two Alchemist Doctors who have decided to use magic to make things blow up. They have no regard for their own safety and would gladly hurt themselves if it ended up doing a lot of damage to you.

Additionally, you've also got two Carrion miniatures. These flexible and deadly looking characters who remind me of Voldo from Soulcalibur are very good at sneaking up on your opponents and slicing them open. You can then, of course, use them to sneak away with the goodies once they've done the dirty work.

Finally, you've also got the rather powerful Electron Cannoneer. He has a rather experimental weapon in hand which is very, very dangerous. He can fire a chain of lighting through a selection of different characters but the more opponents you hit, the more chance it has of coming back and wracking you with pain too.

What do you think of these new characters?

"He has a rather experimental weapon in hand which is very, very dangerous..."

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