RE-LOAD Returns With Epic New Hero Sculpts

August 23, 2017 by brennon

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RE-LOAD is coming back to the tabletop with their new version of the game by Archon Studio and that means some new sculpts too. Here we have some of them in mighty heroic poses, ready to get stuck into the action.

RE-Load Sculpt #1

Each of the different characters has been posed as if they are in the middle of the action, getting ready to smash their enemies to pieces on the front lines.

The game features some pretty standard Fantasy tropes as you'll have seen above but they also have some interesting alternatives like this chap here.

Re-Load Sculpt #2

...and this wild fighting Crocodile/Dragon fellow with his twin weapons.

Re-Load Sculpt #4

The render work on these is pretty impressive and considering Archon and their new direction you'd imagine these are all going to be one piece miniatures as well.

This particular fellow with his rifle is an interesting take on the Dwarven look. I like that he's got that tinkerer quality to him and the designs they've used change up the aesthetic a tad.

Re-Load Sculpt #3

Last but not least we have this female warrior here with her mighty sword, clad in full plate armour. I think she'd be a perfect model beyond the world of LOAD too as a heroic Paladin or Cleric.

Re-Load Sculpt #5

What do you think of these new warriors for the world of LOAD; are they up to scratch with you?

Let us know in the comments...

"...they also have some interesting alternatives like this chap here"

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