Call In A Missile Strike With Revamped Weapon Teams From Anvil

April 1, 2015 by brennon

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If you're looking for some heavy duty firepower to bring down tanks, buildings and more in the world of Afterlife by Anvil Industry then you might need the aid of the Republic Grenadier Missile Launcher Specialists or their Commander...

Missile Launchers #1

Missile Launchers #2

Above is the Missile Team mentioned above which comes with a new sculpt as part of the pack. I like the big chunky rocket launchers, the massive missiles strapped to their backs and the added bit of narrative which comes with adding the rifle to the base.

The Republic Grenadiers have always been an awesome army from Anvil and this gives you a nice heavy weapons team to add to the mix.

Fire On My Command!

Leading this fire team on the ground would be the Republic Grenadier Specialist Commander who would work just as well directing fire elsewhere on the battlefield as a leader in his own right.

Grenadier Commander #1

Grenadier Commander #2

Kitted out in much heavier looking armour this chap isn't going to go down without a fight even if he is just directing shots across the combat zone. I love the pose even though I'm not fond of the 'foot on scenery' style. The thing that makes it almost bearable is that it's tied into the rest of the scenic basing material you get for Afterlife troops.

Another very cool model and one that will take a nice bit of quick shading very well indeed.

What do you think?

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"The Republic Grenadiers have always been an awesome army from Anvil..."

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