Ringwraiths Return & Ringbearers Vanish In Middle-earth SBG

September 13, 2019 by brennon

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Games Workshop dropped a few little morsels of information for those diving into the Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game this week as they talked about the return of some classic models and the addition of a new set for events. So, we'll kick off with some invisible miniatures!

Ringbearer Set - Games Workshop

This Ringbearer Set comes with translucent versions of each of the different heroes and villains from the world of Middle-earth who carried The One Ring. The set contains Frodo, Old Bilbo, Young Bilbo, Gollum and Isildur.

I think this is a neat idea but it might have been cooler to have them just presented as sculpted bases instead? Those might have got a little lost on the tabletop though after a while. Either way, the set is available from Warhammer World whilst stocks last and at events which Games Workshop attends.

Ringwraiths Are Abroad

So, one of the additional bits of big news was that the full selection of named Ringwraiths is going to be available on their webstore soon enough. A lot of them already exist like...

The Witch King

Witch King - Games Workshop

The Tainted

The Tainted - Games Workshop

The Knight Of Umbar

The Knight Of Umbar - Games Workshop

The Betrayer

The Betrayer - Games Workshop

Khamul The Easterling

Khamul The Easterling - Games Workshop

The Dwimmerlaik

Dwimmerlaik - Games Workshop

...but three of them haven't been up on their webstore for a while so they are going to be returning for you to use in your games. The returning three will be the...

The Undying

The Undying - Games Workshop

The Shadow Lord

The Shadow Lord - Games Workshop

The Dark Marshal

The Dark Marshal - Games Workshop

This then gives you the chance to use each of these updated takes on The Nazgul for your games. I really did like the look of their original Nazgul which attacked The Fellowship on Weathertop but it was a bit hard to tell the models apart. However, if you dived in and picked up each of these characters instead you'd have a very dynamic looking collection of evil foes descending on the poor Hobbits!

I am consistently ushered back towards the awesome world of Middle-earth but I have to find someone to push me over the edge...

What do you think of the new Ringbearer Set?

"What do you think of the new Ringbearer Set?"

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