Three Ronin Brothers Bring Their Swords To Bushido

July 25, 2017 by dracs

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GCT Studios have a group of ronin coming to Bushido to lend their swords to whichever side furthers their cause.




Led by the eldest brother Ying-Jian, these three have been fleeing for years, trading their services with Shuohuang being a particularly good swordsman, while the youngest Shenzhiqi acts as their moral compass.

Of course, they can't do all this without help and are accompanied by their loyal companion Baichi.


These models feel like they came right out of a Kurasawa movie and the dynamic of the three brothers and their servant makes them a particularly cool addition to Bushido.

Which of the models do you like best?

"These three have been fleeing for years, trading their services..."

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