Saint Issac & His Followers Join Dark Age Thanks To CoolMiniOrNot

November 15, 2015 by brennon

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The Forsaken have renewed vigour as Saint Isaac is joined on the battlefields of Dark Age by his Ajax and Prometheus brethren. See what you make of the models below which I think are some of the best looking for the range so far...

Saint Issac

While everyone went absolutely loopy for Saint Mark not long ago I thought his mount was a fantastic but the rider was terrible. Saint Isaac however looks awesome and I like him, jumping backwards, firing his weapon at enemies as they charge towards him.

As well as that Saint Isaac also has some of the most epic looking minions in Dark Age. Here are Ajax and Prometheus who look like post-apocalyptic Warjacks...



Of the two of them I would say that Ajax was the better, mainly because I like the design of the legs and the stance a little bit more than Prometheus who has a more typical 'walker' look to him. Still, both of them are great looking and fantastic additions to the Dark Age line-up.

What do you think?

"Here are Ajax and Prometheus who look like post-apocalyptic Warjacks..."

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