Saxon Commanders Take Control Of Hail Caesar Armies

January 29, 2019 by brennon

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Warlord Games has snapped up some miniatures for folks to use in their Hail Caesar games set against the backdrop of the Dark Age. A new set of Anglo-Saxon Commanders take centre stage.

Saxon Command Group - Warlord Games

The set could be used as either Warlords to lead the way, or potentially a set of retainers who are watching the back of their leader on the tabletop. There are plenty of nice weapon options included with swords, spears and a mighty dane axe.

Helping to aid your infantry in the front line you can also get your hands on some Anglo-Saxon Archers too.

Saxon Archers - Warlord Games

There are some great shooting poses included there, enough to work for those who want to use them in rank and file games AND skirmish games. I have a love of archery and I don't think archers get enough love on the tabletop, especially during this period of history.

All of this can be added into the mix alongside their Saxon Starter Army they put together which includes plastic miniatures from the old Wargames Factory range.

Saxon Starter Army - Warlord Games

Now, I love the metal additions here but the plastic kits from Wargames Factory are not my cup of tea. I find their poses very stiff and the lord, the heads were a bit of a nightmare. Some very talented soul has done a great job of making these models look good here but I just did not gel with them as a collection.

Personally, I'd look to the plastic sets from Gripping Beast but by all means, if you like this plastic set, go for it!

What do you think of these new Saxons?

"There are plenty of nice weapon options included with swords, spears and a mighty dane axe..."

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