Scalebro’s Hamsters Journey Begins On Kickstarter

May 27, 2019 by brennon

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Scalebro have now launched their Kickstarter for The Hamsters Journey, a set of 40mm scale figures for you to use in your Fantasy games.

The Hamsters - Scalebro

The set features five different miniatures based on a certain fantasy tale (hah). These Hamsters are heading off to reclaim their homeland from some terrifying evil, perhaps meeting some other fellows along the way.

Furin - Scalebro

We saw Furin in the previews last week. He is a rather awesome looking hero and I like that they touched on Orcrist and the 'Oakenshield' part of the character with the sculpt. The styling of the hair and facial 'fur' is also a nice nudge towards the portrayal of these characters in the Peter Jackson films.

As well as Furin we also have Grumbly...

Grumbly - Scalebro

...and Hamlin who is probably my favourite character from the set. I love the proud look to his character with that wonderfully styled 'beard'.

Hamlin - Scalebro

The other two companions for Furin are Pho here complete with dangerous looking hammer...

Pho - Scalebro

...and the old hero Rendlin. I love that they've gone to the trouble of making a hamster with a bald pate!

Rendlin - Scalebro

The miniatures are all based around the 40mm scale which means that they aren't going to be overly good for many wargames but they'd look awesome as display pieces. As someone who likes their anthropomorphic animals, I could very happily set a few of these on my shelf as a nod to one of my favourite books of all time.

The Tail Brotherhood

Scalebro also worked on a previous range which might also be familiar, the Tail Brotherhood.

Tail Brotherhood - Scalebro

These mice are also scaled around 40mm, much like the Hamsters, so you could very easily throw Graydalf into the mix as well as their guide. Aramouse is my favourite from the set though, a perfect alternative character for use in Rangers Of Shadow Deep the animal edition?

What do you think of the new Kickstarter?

"I could very happily set a few of these on my shelf as a nod to one of my favourite books of all time..."

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Supported by (Turn Off)

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