First Seven Starfinder Miniatures Released By Archon Studio

October 23, 2019 by brennon

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Archon Studio has now released their first seven miniatures for the Starfinder Miniatures range onto their webstore. You can now pick up a bunch of heroes and a couple of villains to add into the mix and become the vessels for your heroics on the tabletop.

Starfinder Miniatures #1 - Archon Studio

Dwarf Soldier Sprue

I'll start things off with my favourite from the collection, the Dwarf Soldier. This fellow looks locked, loaded and ready for battle. I like that as well as the miniatures we're also getting some cool sculpted bases too which are key because it's damn hard to make Sci-Fi bases look good in my opinion!

We then move onto two more characters which I picked out from the seven to show off. Here we have the Half-Elf Operative who looks like he is rather happy with his lot in life.

Starfinder Miniatures #2 - Archon Studio

Half Elf Operative

Maybe he has been able to do a bit of negotiating with his foes, either with his wit and charm or the use of that pistol and rifle combo he's rocking. Another of my favourites from the range was this Half-Elf Steward. It seems I really do have a penchant for liking the knife-eared folks now doesn't it!?

Starfinder Miniatures #3 - Archon Studio

Half Elf Steward Sprue

It's not just heroes you can pick up, and there are more of them to see on their webstore, as they have also shown off the model for the Necrovite too.

Starfinder Miniatures #4 - Archon Studio

Necrovite Sprue

It seems that necromancy is alive (dead?) and well in the far future and now it comes into play rocking a rifle too. Suddenly this ain't no frail old man with a crooked stick you can beat up!

The models are made out of high-quality plastic and come scaled to 32mm so they're a little more heroic than normal, good for those who want to make sure their characters stand out on the tabletop.

Make sure to let us know what you think of Archon's work here...

"It seems that necromancy is alive (dead?) and well in the far future..."

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