Wreck Age Welcomes Some New Arrivals For Shangri LA

November 23, 2016 by stvitusdancern

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Wreck Age the post-apocalyptic skirmish game from Hyacinth Games has a few new releases to coincide with their newest expansion, Shangri LA. First up is the Fung Headhunter,

The Fung are agents of the Shangri LA Council, doing it's bidding throughout the western half of the Merikan continent. Fung Headhunters are silent, brutal combatants, who aim to get in close and incapacitate a foe before they even know what hit them.

A pretty wicked looking dude if I say so myself.

Next up is an amalgamation of human and other technology the Rhea Stitcher Ancient...

Rhea has been alive since well before the Exodus, being a ranking doctor by the time the ships took off. After the crash that stranded the medical staff that morphed over time into the Stitchers, Rhea had bigger plans that most: to own their own city.

Very little else is known about Rhea, other than the terrifying visage of them has caused more than one opponent to go into catatonic shock. Leading from the shadows, Rhea has a host of some sort of clone, that they use to keep their opponents guessing. Each one, as fearsome as the next.

Lastly, there is another horror from the wasteland that is LA and it comes in a small package, Daph Child Augment...

The subject of bio-engineering, Daph is a child who is wielded as a weapon by the Shangri La Council, and more specifically, by Rhea themself. Daph has the ability to sneak around the battlefield, unnoticed, and her augments help her strike with deadly accuracy.

All three of the miniatures are available in white metal and will add some oddness to your next game.

Have you played a post-apocalyptic game?

"...an amalgamation of human and other technology"

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