Skilled Hunter Hakzabo Joins The Tengu Of Bushido

March 27, 2017 by brennon

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The world of Bushido welcomes another model soon as we show off the model for Hakzabo. We saw his rules last week as part of a little sneak peek into the future of the game but now we get a look at this agile hunter for the Tengu.


"The outcast, an iconoclast once shunned by the Tengu, his wings clipped by the elders for crimes unclear. The Kuren Tengu are one of the rarest and the black Kuren even rarer. However, the Black Kuren is a portent to a great disaster. Cast out and thought dead, but Hakzabo survived, raised by a hermit hunter.

He has become an agile and skilled hunter-warrior, deftly dodging and leaping across the battlefield. "

The model looks great, a twist on the kind of Tengu we've already seen, and that might be because it was designed by a Grand Master winner, James Hasker.

It's nice to see someone's designs come to life like this, especially someone who really likes the game and its world.

Will you be snapping up Hakzabo for your force?

" was designed by a Grand Master winner, James Hasker"

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