Skirmish In the Crusades With Osprey’s Outremer: Faith & Blood

April 12, 2018 by dracs

Osprey have a new set of historical skirmish rules currently up for pre-order. Gather your warband and join the Crusades in Outremer: Faith & Blood.

Outremer Faith and Blood

This set of skirmish rules focuses on fast gameplay, taking about forty-five to sixty minutes a game, with players having the chance to grow and develop their warband as they fight a campaign for control of Outremer.

In a recent blog post, Osprey provided a quick look at the factions.

There are the Franks or Crusaders, a disparate warband of men and women, come to the Crusader states in search of fortune and glory for God.

The Franks

Then there are the various military orders, monastic knights who started off protecting pilgrims but grew into one of the most influential groups in the Crusader states.

Military Orders

Then we have the Saracens, a collective term for those forces that fought under the banner of Islam.


These factions each have plenty of room within themselves to come up with your own unique backgrounds and characters.

I had never considered the idea of a Crusader-era skirmish. When you think of the time, you tend to imagine large scale battles and sieges. However, bringing it down to the skirmish level allows for far more personal stories to play out.

Do you plan to pick this game up when it gets released on April 19th?

"Bringing it down to the skirmish level allows for far more personal stories..."

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