The Slaves To Darkness Campaign In Age Of Sigmar’s Mortal Realms

December 2, 2019 by brennon

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Games Workshop are going to be starting a new campaign in the name of Archaon The Everchosen. The Slaves To Darkness are going to be coming to the tabletop next week with a new Start Collecting Set and some additional forces who will be fighting in the vanguard during games of Age Of Sigmar.

Slaves Of Darkness Box - Age Of Sigmar

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The Start Collecting Set comes with a new Chaos Lord mounted atop a monstrous beast as well as a band of stylish looking Chaos Warriors who have been given a seriously nice redesign. There is also a set of Chaos Knights, charging into the midst atop their own nightmares.

I am seriously enjoying the new design of these Chaos Warriors and I love the idea of playing an army which isn't linked to one specific Chaos God. Undivided always caught my eye for this reason, warriors who are bound to no-one but their Chaos Lord and the power that Archaon himself wields.

Also, I would love to see someone do some awesome conversion projects and turn these Chaos Warriors into Warhammer 40,000 Chaos Space Marines. I think with a few bolters here and there you'd have a nice looking army!

As well as the new model options here there's also a collection of additional sets based on the warbands from Warcry...

Corvus Cabal - Age Of Sigmar

Cypher Lords - Age Of Sigmar

Iron Golems - Age Of Sigmar

Each of the sets come with double the number of sprues that you would normally have got. This then allows you to build up new units to use in your games or you could maybe even tweak things and use them as stand-in Marauders until they get around to changing the old models that have been in circulation for a while!

Splintered Fang - Age Of Sigmar

The Unmade - Age Of Sigmar

Untamed Beasts - Age Of Sigmar

This should make for a really awesome looking warband of Chaos followers, charging across the battlefield to hack apart the enemies of Archaon. Nothing will stand in the way of The Everchosen's mission to unite the Mortal Realms in Chaos!

Endless Spells Aplenty

As well as the miniatures there is also the addition of some extras for those picking up these Slaves To Darkness. Of course, you've got the new Battletome and Warscroll Cards but there are also some Endless Spells in the mix.

Slaves To Darkness Spells #1 - Age Of Sigmar

There is plenty to get excited about for those who like following the whims of Chaos. They certainly inspire some fascinating paint schemes if nothing else! Could you see yourself snapping up this set of models for use in your Age Of Sigmar games?

Drop your thoughts below...

"Could you see yourself snapping up this set of models for use in your Age Of Sigmar games?"

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