Spelljammer Returns With WizKids Icons Of The Realms Minis

May 6, 2022 by fcostin

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Spelljammer is returning to Dungeons & Dragons from Wizards of the Coast this August. Bringing space-based adventures on the Astral Plane, opening up worlds of opportunity to discover.

WizKids has announced a ton of weird, wacky and zany characters to be released as miniatures this October, to compliment the release of Spelljammer. Brining titanous Giant Space Hamsters, Space Swine, new races and species in their upcoming Icons of the Realms miniatures.

Spelljammer Miniatures Trailer! | D&D Direct // WizKids

Players will be heading for some ridiculous opportunities, using magic - they will cross the oceans of Wildspace atop of the Astral Sea in hopes to hop across different worlds within the D&D multiverse.

Astral Dreadnaught - WizKids Spelljammer Miniatures

Astral Dreadnought // WizKids Spelljammer Miniatures

We are set to receive some truly unique pre-painted miniatures, including collectors edition packs, individual miniatures which include a mahoosive Dreadnaught, disturbing Space Clowns, an assortment of Space Ships and so much more. Be sure to head to the WizKids store to see the full range of minis coming this Autumn.

The miniatures are currently on pre-order on the WizKids website ready for release in October, but if you wanted to dive into the campaign itself: You can expect Spelljammer to be released and into retail stores on the 16th of August.

Are you keen on getting involved in Spacejammer this Summer? 

"Players will be heading for some ridiculous opportunities in Spelljammer this August. "

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