The Spire Tyrants Rampage Into Warcry With New Preview

October 24, 2019 by brennon

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The Spire Tyrants are the next warband to be joining the war to win the favour of Archaon The Everchosen. Battling in the fighting pits of the Varanspire itself these are some of the most hardened warriors in the Realm Of Chaos and they seek to prove themselves against all of these pretenders and upstarts in Warcry.

Spire Tyrants - Warcry

The set has been designed to represent a little bit of a mix between the traditional Chaos Warrior, the old Marauders and also some more martial elements of the Chaos horde that takes to the battlefield. You'll notice that as well as regular humans in the mix you've also got a grim-looking Bestigor and there is even a howling Duardin!

Spire Tyrants Full - Warcry

There is also a good mix of male and female miniatures in the set which is neat to see. I particularly like the fellow in this expanded image above with the shield and axe combo going on. Much like as we mentioned when it comes to the new Necromunda release, these models are great for Warcry but could then also be used to populate units in Age Of Sigmar proper too.

I could see them as Champions, leaders and special elements to show that the forces of Chaos are varied and draw in all manner of broken creatures.

There is certainly a gladiatorial theme running through the models too which is neat to see. I'm still never sure on painting the damnable trim on Chaos armour but this doesn't look like too much of a pain.

What do you make of The Spire Tyrants from Games Workshop?

"...they seek to prove themselves against all of these pretenders and upstarts in Warcry"

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