Steamforged Games Announces The End Of Metal Models

May 4, 2018 by brennon

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Steamforged Games this week announced the end of metal models as part of their collection for Guild Ball and any forthcoming projects.

Guild Ball

Here's what they had to say...

"We’re happy to announce that over the course of the next twenty-four months, as our metal production moulds reach the end of their life cycle, we will be transitioning the classic guilds to “The Legacy Collection”. The retirement of the metal major guilds will coincide with the release of their associated minor guild, ensuring that new and veteran players alike will continue to have meaningful in-store purchase options."

This means that for a little while you will still be able to get your hands on the original metal miniatures but all of those produced in the future will be brought to life via different means and materials.

Guild Ball (Alt)

The Legacy Collection, for example, will bring together all manner of iconic characters from the Guild Ball world and reproduce them in coloured resin that matches the new PVC counterparts.

The first of the new models will be available today over on the Steamforged Games Webstore, giving you access to the new sets for The Mortician's: Master of Puppets and The Mortician's: Strings of the Spirit Weaver (pictured above).

Further down the line, you will also be able to pick up a new Hunter's team and more as the months continue.

Give them a look!

"...we will be transitioning the classic guilds to “The Legacy Collection”"

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