Steamforged Games Introduce A New Team To Guild Ball!

August 30, 2019 by brennon

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Steamforged Games are at NOVA this weekend and they introduced some new stuff for Guild Ball. The first thing to take a peek at is the new team, the Shepherd's Guild...

Shepherds Guild Main - Steamforged Games

This particular Guild is an off-shoot of one of the major ones and comes with another awesome collection of characters and creatures. I think the coolest addition to this set is the leader of the team, Shearer.

Shepherds Guild Shearer - Steamforged Games

Anyone who watched football during the 90s is probably going to see some similarities between this fellow and a certain famous player. I love that the pose is done to match his real life celebration too. Also, there's that massive Ram for the team too!

Shepherds Guild Ram - Steamforged Games

This is a very cool looking team and I'm very interested to see what this looks like when painted up. I can imagine having a massive Ram on your team also helps in many ways.

New Captains

As well as the Shepherd's Guild above there are also some new Captains for some of the other Guilds. Check them out below...

Alchemists Soma - Steamforged Games

Farmers Festival - Steamforged Games

Union Greede - Steamforged Games

Once again, a nice collection of characters for a game world which is incredibly vibrant and full of quirky characters. I really like Festival in particular for the Farmers, a rather awesome character for the team but also someone who could work as a Druid in your roleplaying games too.

What do you make of these new additions to the world of Guild Ball?

"As well as the Shepherd's Guild above there are also some new Captains for some of the other Guilds..."

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