Stoessi’s Heroes Add Some Character With New WW2 Personalities

August 22, 2017 by thisisazrael

Stoessi's Heroes has just released a number of new WW2 personalities.

First up is David Stirling, the founder of the British SAS.

Stoessi's Heroes British Army Colonel David Stirling Phantom Major

Colonel Stirling formed and trained the first elements of the SAS on the premise that a small elite unit of highly trained commandos would inflict more damage on an enemy than a company of regular soldiers.

Stoessi's Heroes Japanese 2nd Lieutenant Hiroo Onoda

Also, just in time for the new Bolt Action campaign book New Guinea, Stoessi adds a cool character for people who play Japanese armies: Hiroo Onoda, who did not surrender until 1974.

Lastly, if you are a fan of Hogan's Heroes, you can surely recognize the other three miniatures that are part of this wave.

Stoessi's Heroes Hogans United States Army Air Forces Colonel Robert E. Hogan

Colonel Robert E. Hogan, senior ranking POW officer in a prison camp called Stalag 13.

Stoessi's Heroes Hogans German Kommandant Oberst Wilhelm Klink Oberfeldwebel Hans Georg Schultz

Oberst Wilhelm Klink is the Kommandant of a prisoner camp called Stalag 13 and Oberfeldwebel Schultz is the camp’s Sergeant of the Guard.

All the minis are in 28mm scale and made from white metal.

What do you think of these characterful miniatures?

"Colonel Stirling formed and trained the first elements of the SAS..."

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