Street Gangs Hit The Cobbled Streets Of Burrows & Badgers

September 2, 2021 by brennon

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Oathsworn Miniatures are back at the forefront of my mind today as they have been showing off some new sculpts coming to Burrows & Badgers soon! As well as the release of the previous Kickstarter miniatures, they have also been working on new Street Gang members!

Pigeon - Burrows & Badgers

Pigeon // Burrows & Badgers

The idea behind this collection is that they would be viable to be used as gang members for a street scuffle but also slip into the role of civilians too. Think of them as Peaky Blinder-types but with a furry edge! I think they look great, particularly as incidental additions to a game.

Shrew - Burrows & Badgers

Shrew // Burrows & Badgers

The current selection of miniatures includes a Pigeon but they have also shown off a Shrew, Squirrel, and a Stoat. I particularly like the Squirrel (seen below), drawing his dagger out to shiv someone in an alleyway.

Squirrel - Burrows & Badgers

Squirrel // Burrows & Badgers

The Stoat also looks like a total bruiser. You could imagine him down on the docks, watching over a warehouse of stolen goods. These seem like they are going to find a good place in many a collection for use in objective-based scenarios.

Stoat - Burrows & Badgers

Stoat // Burrows & Badgers

Perhaps they will find their way into a brand new Oathsworn Journal or two? There are a couple of Mice in the works as well but we're yet to see those! I am always eager to see what Oathsworn has been working on and these have certainly got me excited for the future.

Are you liking the look of these gang members?

"Perhaps they will find their way into a brand new Oathsworn Journal or two?"

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