Win A Stunning Frostgrave Diorama & Help The Alzheimer’s Society!

August 14, 2023 by brennon

Paul Cooke of Pandaemonium Miniatures is running a charity fundraising effort to raise money for The Alzheimer's Society in memory of his father, Peter Cooke. Those who want to put their hat into the ring can enter into a charity competition over on JustGiving to win yourself an absolutely stunning Frostgrave Diorama.

Frostgrave Diorama - Paul Cooke

Frostgrave Diorama // Paul Cooke

This diorama features Yelen & Mirika Semova who are going up against the Necromancer in the ruins of the frozen city, Felstad. All proceeds of the competition are going to be going to the aforementioned Alzheimer's Society to help those who suffer from the condition.

Yelen & Mirika - Frostgrave Diorama

Yelen & Mirika // Frostgrave Diorama

The Necromancer - Frostgrave Diorama

The Necromancer // Frostgrave Diorama

The diorama was created over the course of around thirty hours of planning, building and painting and looks like it would be a wonderful addition to someone's collection, sitting in pride of place in their hobby room.

  • Photography: Dave Shipley and Paul Cooke
  • Miniatures: North Star Figures’ Frostgrave Range
  • Steps and Summoning Gate from Fenris Games
  • Walnut Plinth by Tim Fitch of Miniature Heroes
  • Inscription Plate by Versatile Terrain
  • Ladder from Spellcrow
  • Ivy from Rival Crafts
  • Additional publicity: John Wombat (Shadows of Centralis Magazine), John Treadaway (Miniature Wargames Magazine), Nick Eyre (North Star Figures)
  • Windows: Fairy Bridge Woodcraft
  • Invaluable support from Zena Jones (Alzheimer’s Society)
  • Design, construction and painting: Paul Cooke (Pandaemonium Miniatures)

To be in with a chance of winning this amazing diorama, you just have to make a minimum donation of £5 over on the JustGiving Page alongside your name and contact information and then answer a simple question in the Additional Comments box - Who Is The Author Of Frostgrave?

I'll give you a hint, we've talked about him a LOT here OnTableTop over the last couple of years when it comes to games like The Silver Bayonet, Stargrave and Oathmark!

Yelen & Mirika Close Up - Frostgrave Diorama

Yelen & Mirika (Close Up) // Frostgrave Diorama

The Necromancer Close Up - Frostgrave Diorama

The Necromancer (Close Up) // Frostgrave Diorama

You can get stuck in and get more chances to win but to do so, you'll need to make them all as separate donations. The competition runs from now until Friday 1st September 2023 and a winner will then be selected at random from those who have answered correctly. The winner will then be announced on Sunday 3rd September 2023 via social media.

All generous donations are welcome and more information on the fine details of the competition can be found over on the JustGiving Page. Make sure to read all the rules before entering.

Will you be jumping on board and trying to win this diorama whilst helping charity?

"All generous donations are welcome and more information on the fine details of the competition can be found over on the JustGiving Page..."

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