Games Workshop Summon The King Of The Dead

August 19, 2019 by brennon

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Games Workshop are keeping up the releases for their Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game with the introduction of new models for those playing as the Dead Of Dunharrow. They are led by a brand new model for The King Of The Dead.

King Of The Dead - Games Workshop

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This brand new model is full of movement and dynamism, posed much like he was when he charged off the boat with Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli in Return Of The King. The article which announced him talks about good use of negative space on the miniature and I have to say, it looks stunning. I love the depth to the model and the fact that when you see him on the tabletop you're going to get that ethereal look.

Keeping with the new additions to your Dead Of Dunharrow army, Games Workshop also showed off these Heralds Of The Dead who can lead their own warbands of undead warriors into battle.

Heralds - Games Workshop

These models are also able to gift their Will to The King Of The Dead so that he can use it to perform special actions. Once again, the models have been crafted wonderfully and you get a seriously nice ghostly feel from them. One of each of these Heralds will be included alongside The King Of The Dead in a cool pack of heroes for you to use.

They Dug Too Deep!

Delving back into the old Lord Of The Rings line, Games Workshop has also shown off some of the classic metal sets which will be re-released as part of their Made To Order scheme. Here are just a few of my favourites.

Death Of Gothmog - Games Workshop

The Death Of Gothmog is a great vignette which shows the heroes clashing on the battlefield, cutting down Gothmog and his followers before they can slay Eowyn. This is a very quick slice and dice moment in the films but it was very cool and it's neat to see it immortalised like this.

We also have two packs of characters which should get those who collect more historical Middle-earth armies exited. You have the Kings Of Men returning...

Kings Of Men - Games Workshop the Dwarf Kings set as well which also gives you a look back at those first moments from Fellowship Of The Ring. I really like the idea of using the Kings Of Men as ghostly versions of the Ringwraiths, showing them as they were before they got corrupted, almost like when Frodo saw their Twilight forms at Weathertop.

Dwarf Kings - Games Workshop

The Dwarf Kings are perfect for those who want to dig out all their old Dwarf models and make them into grand armies that once lorded over Moria and The Lonely Mountain before the darker days fell on their people. I think the fellow at the front would make a great alternative Thorin and the Dwarf on the right, a neat stand in for Dwalin or Gloin.

Talking of Ringwraiths as we did earlier, this pack is also coming back too!

Twilight Ringwraiths - Games Workshop

Presenting the Ringwraiths like this in the movies was a great idea and it would be awesome to re-create that scene on Weathertop once again using these models to show the transition between their cloaked and shadowy selves and their true, disgraced visage.

You can see more of what's coming as part of the Made To Order drop for Middle-earth HERE so make sure to check it out.

Are you playing lots of Middle-earth Strategy Battle Game right now?

"I really like the idea of using the Kings Of Men as ghostly versions of the Ringwraiths..."

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