Tactical Droids, MagnaGuard & More For Star Wars: Legion In October

August 6, 2021 by brennon

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Atomic Mass Games have outlined their upcoming releases for Star Wars: Legion. It looks like there is another big focus on the Separatists and the Republic come October with plenty of Droids and something funky for those who collect a lot of Wookiees.

Super Tactical Droid - Star Wars Legion

Super Tactical Droid // Star Wars: Legion

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Leading the way will be the brand new Super Tactical Droid. Put together your tightly knit plans and make sure that you make the Clones of the Republic pay. I always liked it when these folks popped up in the lines of The Clone Wars and such. They gave the more hapless droid armies a little more edge!

If you're looking to protect your Super Tactical Droid or perhaps a master of the Sith then you can also call on the MagnaGuard who are also going to be available in early October (fingers crossed).

IG-100 MagnaGuard - Star Wars Legion

IG-100 MagnaGuard // Star Wars: Legion

I was always pretty taken by the MagnaGuard. They looked like they could actually put up a fight against the likes of the Jedi. I also liked that they donned cloaks and such. Totally impractical for a droid but it was awesome all the same. I look forward to seeing how people paint these up and how they get used in battle.

The droid armies of the Separatists continue to expand with some more vehicles too. Here is the DSD1 Dwarf Spider Droid which will be clanking into battle.

DSD1 Dwarf Spider Drone - Star Wars Legion

DSD1 Dwarf Spider Drone // Star Wars: Legion

It looks derpy (and it is) but I could see this being another fun addition to a droid army. You can now really get stuck into recreating the kinds of battles we saw on Geonosis and Kashyyk. I'd like to see some folks repose this Spider Drone to make it look like it has just rocked back from firing its "nose cannon".

Wookiees In The Sky!

If you're planning to expand on your Wookiee forces for Star Wars: Legion then they haven't been left out either. They are going to be able to use the new Raddaugh Gnasp Fluttercraft as seen in the battles on the beaches of Kashyyk.

Raddaugh Gnasp Fluttercraft - Star Wars Legion

Raddaugh Gnasp Fluttercraft // Star Wars: Legion

I am looking forward to being able to field an entire army of Wookiees without the need for a single Clone Trooper at this point. This looks like it would be great fun to paint up, especially with those eager Wookiee pilots having a grand old time inside it.

The hope is that these are going to become available in October of 2021 so watch out to see if they pop up at your local retailer during the tail end of this year. I really need to get back to my Star Wars: Legion collection and get more of it painted!

Are you going to be giving these new releases a look when they come out?

"I really need to get back to my Star Wars: Legion collection and get more of it painted!"

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