Three New Wrestlers Approach The Ring For Rumbleslam

May 13, 2022 by fcostin

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There have been some new showmen announced as part of TTCombat's Teaser Tuesday - bringing a Rumbling Week. The puns do not stop here with three new announcements which are set to be going to the TTCombat store and retail soon.

Whether you are after a swole genie, a metal-coated brute and a hard-rock kitty to flex in the Diamond Oasis ring, these three are sure to put on a show.

You know it is interesting when we start seeing our Disney predictions from Rumbleslam. With Will Smith getting replaced for the Genie in the official Aladdin movie; we see Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson in his place instead. So, it would be perfectly fitting to take another one of Hollywood's most swole actors and enrol him into some fine and entertaining wrestling, enter Djinn Diesel.

Djinn Diesel Preview - Rumbleslam

Djinn Diesel Preview // Rumbleslam

Holding close to his chest; three wishes. Djin Diesal tenses and flexes into the arena. With the chance to make magic happen by the click of his fingers - helping those friendly wrestlers gain a bit more weight in the ring. However, he's not just rocking up for support. Brining a crowd-wiping Phenomenal Cosmic Powerbomb in tow, before he is KO'd and forced back to his lamp.

Tin Khan Preview - Rumbleslam

Tin Khan Preview // Rumbleslam

The second punderful name this week, Tin Khan is a big hunk of metal that should not be underestimated. Boasting as a ruler of a whole province, he may be a slow mover scraping along the ring, but a backhand from this guy will have opponents across the country. Boasting a tanky amount of strength due to his weight, being incredibly difficult to throw out the ring.

Catalya Preveiw - Rumbleslam

Catalya Preview // Rumbleslam

The final preview this week brings Catalya - a feline with sass and so much showmanship, that it oozes out of her claws. Reigning from a clowder of wrestling cats, she has been flexing her skills in the ring as soon as she was off of her mother's teet - but now she has been given her time to shine. Bringing public embarrassment to her opponents, she can strip other players from their crowd pleaser as an all-round support model boasting expert grappling skills.

That's all of the previews that have been showcased this week. I really do love the fun and delightful characters in Rumbleslam, and it always makes me smile seeing the new characters eagerly and arrogantly approach the ring.

What do you think of the new previews? Can you see any of the above holding up their own Disney title... other than Djinn Diesel?

"Whether you are after a swole genie, a metal-coated brute and a hard-rock kitty to flex in the Diamond Oasis ring."

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