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October 19, 2020 by brennon

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Miniature sculptor Tom Mason has taken to Kickstarter with a fun little project packed with adorable yet bloodthirsty looking Goblins. The Goblin Menace is a 28mm project with just over ten days left on it for you to get involved.

The Goblin Menace - Tom Mason

The Goblin Menace Kickstarter // Tom Mason

This campaign focuses in on making a characterful set of Goblins for you to use in all manner of Fantasy games. If you're looking to make a new warband for a skirmish game or perhaps a way to fill your dungeon with quirky cartoon enemies then this could well be the campaign for you.

The Goblin Headache - Tom Mason

The Goblin Headache // Tom Mason

You can go in at a lower level and yourself a "Goblin Headache" or perhaps go all in and get the proper Goblin Menace set which is brimming with greenskins for you to paint up. I absolutely love the stylised way they have been brought to life which makes them fit with the aesthetic of a game like Pathfinder but with a twist.

The Goblin Menace Bundle - Tom Mason

The Goblin Menace Bundle // Tom Mason

The miniatures are going to be cast in metal and fit in with that 28mm scale that we're all familiar with now. Within each pack of goblins, you'll get four unique sculpts which are then of course repeated across the entire project. Still, with a bit of nifty painting and some additional accessories here and there, you could make them look very nice indeed.

There are plenty of what they call "Brats" with bows, spears, swords and rocks plus you have the big Goblin Baddie to lead the way. I think these are exceptionally charming and I'd love to have a bunch of these to paint. I might even consider painting up a bunch in different ways to represent various tribes and just have a big ol' Goblin battle on the tabletop.

Goblin Stretch Goals

As with any Kickstarter campaign, there are some stretch goals too.

7500K Stretch Goal - Tom Mason

$7,500 Stretch Goal // Tom Mason

10000K Stretch Goal - Tom Mason

$10,000 Stretch Goal // Tom Mason

Two free miniatures will get added into the mix and, as with the rest of the line-up...I would love to paint them. I think the Apple Thief is exceptionally fun and the Princess will give you a nice slice of something different to add into your group.

What do you make of this campaign?

"I think these are exceptionally charming..."

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