Triple Alliance Guns & More Previewed By Perry Miniatures

May 18, 2020 by brennon

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Perry Miniatures are back to the grindstone when it comes to sculpting and getting new Historical releases ready. Some of their newest releases are going to be focused around the War Of The Triple Alliance and a couple of guns are at the front.

-5ec281b88dd54--5ec281b88dd55Triple Alliance Brazilian Foot Artillery - Perry Miniatures.jpg

Both of these look to be pulled from the Brazilian force from the period and give you a selection of different options when it comes to crew. They look very prim and proper and as I've said before, I really like gun crews. I love the little story they tell on the tabletop, almost like a diorama or vignette.

Triple Alliance Brazilian Foot Artillery Alt - Perry Miniatures

As I mentioned when I talked about this Triple Alliance range, it's not a conflict that I am overly familiar with. It sounds pretty intense though as it shaped South America as we know it today. It also seems like it also features quite a lot of splinter factions all fighting for different reasons.

Napoleonic Cavalry

As well as the War Of The Triple Alliance, we also have Spanish Napoleonic Cavalry which you can add into the mix.

Spanish Napoleonic Cavalry - Perry Miniatures

As mentioned above, the Spanish army featured lots of very different looking troops so it will be both a headache and a joy to paint them. Each unit is probably going to look very unique, something which is something you can't normally say about the rank and file in Napoleonic games.

Early 1800s Infantry

So, we've seen guns and now horses but it wouldn't be Perry Miniatures without loads of new infantry too.

New Metals - Perry Miniatures

Here you have a selection of different infantry who are all getting ready to be painted up for display. There is something really awesome in seeing Napoleonic troops at the ready, marching forward into battle. I obviously prefer them shooting and in combat situations but they do look good!

What do you think?

"...we've seen guns and now horses but it wouldn't be Perry Miniatures without loads of new infantry too"

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