Unearth Ravnica’s Conspiracies In Magic Social Deduction Game

June 27, 2019 by dracs

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WizKids have a new social deduction game set in the world of Magic: The Gathering and now Ravnica Inquisition is seeing its North American release.

Nicol Bolas is seeking to claim dominion of the plane of Ravnica and has sent their agents out into the city.

However, the Gatewatch also has its agents, ready to root out these saboteurs and end the threat posed by the malignant Planeswalker.

As with other such social deduction games, players use their unique abilities (derived from whichever guild they are a part of) to eliminate the competition, before voting among for who they think might be an agent of Bolas.

The idea of bringing this into the flavour of Magic: The Gathering is a pretty cool one and it is good to see the rich setting explored further beyond the bounds of the central card game.

Who among the OTT crew do you think is working for Nicol Bolas? 

"Nicol Bolas is seeking to claim dominion of the plane of Ravnica..."

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