Head Down To The Verrotwood, A New Grimdark Fantasy Game

June 28, 2022 by brennon

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Verrotwood is a brand new grimdark Fantasy skirmish wargame coming from the mind of Mike Crutchett. I more or less stumbled on this whilst scrolling through social media and I was immediately taken by the style of the game. I had to know more!


Verrotwood // Mike Crutchett

In games of Verrotwood, you take control of a warband of cultists found deep within the twisting forest known as the Verrotwood. Each of the factions in the game comes with their own specialities that make them unique and are seeking to, with your aid, summon forth some terrible eldritch beings.

Stalker - Verrotwood

Stalker // Verrotwood

What immediately drew my eye to the game was the look of the miniatures. The game looks to promote that idea of kitbashing and tweaking miniatures to suit both your faction and the game world, using whatever you like the look of in order to make your warbands. Who wouldn't want to play as a pale-skinned killer wearing a rabbit mask?

Cultist - Verrotwood

Cultist // Verrotwood

What then drew me in deeper was learning a bit more about the mechanics. The game has been designed to be quick and easy to pick up and play. The rules have additionally been focused on being bloody and brutal, as you'd have guessed from the overall aesthetic.

The blog Gung Ho Geeks has been playtesting the game and that's where I went to get my hands on some more information about the game. As well as writing up first impressions and playtest battle reports, they have also done an interview with the creator, Mike Crutchett.

Axeman - Verrotwood

Axeman // Verrotwood

The tale they spin certainly ticked a lot of boxes for me. Quick and easy rules, brutal combat, low model count, tabletops packed with interesting terrain and a blind-drawn activation system that has you planning on the fly. As I say, it's well worth reading through the articles to get a handle on the game.

Following in the footsteps of games like Sludge, IDOLS Of Torment and Turnip28, Verrotwood looks to be slotting into that awesome and creative part of the hobby world where you get to have fun building and then twisting miniatures. Another fun one for hobbyists to have fun with.

Troll - Verrotwood

Troll // Verrotwood

What's also awesome about the game is that it has been around for a little while now and whilst the rules aren't properly out there in the wild, you can get involved and join a neat little community. You can check out the game on Facebook HERE as well as Instagram (some seriously cool miniatures there). There is also a Fan Group where people are diving in and discussing the game too.

Another fun skirmish game on the horizon for folks to enjoy that steps away from the genre norms. I am very much looking forward to finding out more about this one.

What do you make of Verrotwood?

"Another fun skirmish game on the horizon for folks to enjoy that steps away from the genre norms..."

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