Victrix Prepare For The Charge Of New Polish Lancers

June 27, 2019 by brennon

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Victrix Limited has been teasing more on social media for their upcoming releases. They are looking to step forward through time, past the Ancient and Dark Age releases to more Napoleonics. Check out their previews for the Polish Lancers.

Polish Lancers #1 - Victrix

Much like with the rest of their plastic kits, the new Polish Lancers set is destined to be packed with all sorts of additional extras for you to play around with. The kits already look insanely detailed as you look to their saddles, weighed down by kit.

Polish Lancers #2 - Victrix

Victrix also do great battle poses for their cavalry. All of them look like they are ready for the charge, hurtling towards the enemy lines. The horses look to be in full gallop and the soldiers all have angry 'war faces' on. This should be another dynamic option for those looking to bulk up a Napoleonic force.

Polish Lancers #3 - Victrix

The plastic kits from Victrix seem like a great place for someone to start a force. Not only do you get oodles of miniatures in the set but you get lots of options as mentioned before. This means you get to be really inventive with how you build your units. It's always nice to have a bit of creative space when you're going through the process of glueing your force together.

These new models might look a little too animated against the likes of the Warlord metal range but I think they'd be perfect alongside some of the miniatures designed by the Perry twins.

What do you make of these new Polish Lancers?

"The plastic kits from Victrix seem like a great place for someone to start a force..."

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