Victrix’s Ancient Germanic Warriors On Sale Soon

September 9, 2019 by brennon

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Victrix is going to be releasing their new Ancient Germanic Warriors this week and they put forth a few test shots of some of the models they've made from the kits.

Ancient Germanic Warriors #1 - Victrix

As with all fo the Victrix kits this one looks absolutely packed with all sorts of options. You have lots of folks in early chainmail and stolen Roman armour as well those who might not have been so lucky to grab armour from the battlefield.

Ancient Germanic Warriors #2 - Victrix

You will be able to make up the core of your force with these kits as well as some neat command elements and maybe a couple of heroes too if you fancy getting creative. These sets really do feel like a good starting point to get stuck into Ancient wargaming, especially considering how high detail they look. I could see these taking washes very well indeed, either to make them grubby or to aid in bringing out the detail.

Ancient Germanic Warriors #3 - Victrix

The sets currently in the Victrix range run from Ancients like Romans and Gauls through to Dark Ages and Napoleonics so you've got plenty of cool entry points regardless of your historical slant.

I can already see people snapping up this kit to start making warbands and the like for skirmish games. They all feel very characterful, perfect for smaller-scale games!

Are you going to be snapping these up?

"They all feel very characterful, perfect for smaller-scale games!"

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