V&V Miniatures Call On The Pagan Rus With New Resin Releases

December 17, 2018 by brennon

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V&V Miniatures are calling upon the help of the Pagan Rus with their new resin releases. This new set of warriors acts as a good set of leaders for your warband as it heads raiding.

Pagan Rus #1 - V&V Miniatures

You get yourself a few different styles of leader character here. I think that either the fellow on the far left or the mid-right would be great for use at the head of the charge. The other warriors then act as back-up for them and the banner bearer gives your men something to focus on as you get stuck into the butcher's work.

Pagan Rus #2 - V&V Miniatures

We did wonder if the folks at V&V Miniatures were going to be working away on more Pagan Rus and...well, here are the results. Once again, Lloyd is probably going to be very happy with these releases as they allow him to slowly add more reinforcements to his army.

Are you tempted by these new Pagan Rus warriors?

"Lloyd is probably going to be very happy with these releases..."

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