V&V’s Heavy Infantry Get Ready For A Crusader-Era Siege

September 24, 2018 by brennon

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V&V Miniatures has now added their Heavy Medieval Infantry to their webstore for those looking for shock troops who can be first off the siege towers during your battles in the Crusades.

Crusades Heavy Infantry #1 - V&V Miniatures

The set of new resin characters are clad in heavy chainmail, carrying shields and a wealth of different weapons. I like that we've got a double-handed axe, sword, hand axe and mace on the go making them a varied set. Their armour designs and accessories are also nice and personalised.

Crusades Heavy Infantry #2 - V&V Miniatures

As mentioned above, I could imagine these warriors being the grizzled veterans who are the first off the ramp when the siege towers get to the walls of a city. A perfect bodyguard for your leader characters as well!

Will you be checking out these for your Medieval force?

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