Waits In Graves Release Stunning Gravedigger Miniatures

October 16, 2020 by brennon

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Waits In Graves' Sam Lamont is the artist and game designer behind a new cooperative Dark-Fi tabletop game called Gravedigger. Whilst the game itself is still deep in development the miniatures are now available over on their webstore and they are pretty darn amazing.

Fusilier - Gravedigger

Fusilier // Gravedigger

Each of the miniatures looks to be coming in at a range of heights going from 45mm tall through to 50mm for one of the bigger creatures you'll see later. All of the miniatures have been sculpted by the Gravedigger Ghosts and turned into the final product by Matt Hobday and Goya Games.

The details in these resin miniatures are pretty amazing and they are mounted on those exquisite looking bases which really pull you down into the strange Sci-Fi aesthetic of the Gravedigger world.

Gutter Wych - Gravedigger

Gutter Wych // Gravedigger

Here is some of the background which the team at Waits In Graves has added to their webstore...

"Gravedigger is a mythic, fragmented, dark-fi setting. Uncover the history of Dais through a series of upcoming games and books."

It sounds truly different and it could be a lot of fun to dive deeper into this world to see what it's all about.

"The gravedigger covens embark on expeditions into the yawning mouths of tombsites. Sometimes they return with fossilised technology, alchemical secrets and,  most valuable of all, cryptal fragments taken from books or archaic terminals. But most don't return at all."

The game of Gravedigger then flows into a cooperative survival horror experience where you go exploring whilst facing off against terrible things in the darkness. All of this sounds brilliant to me and unlike anything which is out there on the market at the moment.

Bahali Paladin - Gravedigger

Bahali Paladin // Gravedigger

As you'll have also noted there are a variety of interesting characters in here which are armed with massive guns, huge swords which look like a pair of scissors and magical folk who are able to draw on some eldritch power. You even have this dude, the Needler!

Needler - Gravedigger

Needler // Gravedigger

Right now the range appears to be available in quite a limited fashion but if you're liking the look of these finely crafted miniatures then you might want to hop on over to the Gravedigger webstore and start exploring what they have to offer.

We are certainly going to be keeping an eye on this one as there could be quite a fascinating game to explore alongside these characters!

Drop your thoughts below...

"...there could be quite a fascinating game to explore alongside these characters!"

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