Snap Up The Warcaster Empyrean Command Group

June 2, 2021 by brennon

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Privateer Press has recently released their new Starter Set for the Empyrean faction in Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika. This 35mm metal Command Group offers up what you need to get started with this alien force.

Empyrean Command Group Starter Set - Warcaster

Empyrean Command Group Starter Set // Warcaster

Here's some of the background on the Empyrean in the world of Warcaster...

"The Hyperuranion's true masters, the Empyreans, have returned, and they who designed the galaxy will not tolerate resistance. Led by the Aeons, great heroes who once lived as mortal beings, the robotic legions of the Empyreans have emerged from Cyriss Prime to restore order to the stars - by force, if necessary. On the tabletop, the Empyreans are a powerful fighting force relying on a mastery of technology and the arcane arts to make Arc flow in unstoppable tidal currents from their warcaster to their legions."

If you're looking to tweak things and go with a force that isn't as "human" as some of the others then this could well be for you. It has plenty of tentacles!

Empyrean Command Group Starter Set Miniatures - Warcaster

Empyrean Command Group Starter Set Miniatures // Warcaster

Inside the pack, you get access to metal miniatures for the Oculus, Fulcrum, three Saber Strikeforce miniatures and a Daemon A Light Warjack. You'll also get all the dice you need, cards and the rulebook that will get you going.

I like the style of the armour and the design of those synthetic appendages! That towering Warjack in particular is very cool.

Could you be tempted to dive into some Warcaster soon?

"It has plenty of tentacles!"

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