Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika Starter Sets & More Now Available

November 11, 2020 by brennon

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Privateer Press has now fired up options for you to dive into Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika with three Starter Sets plus a bunch of additional releases for those wanting to have a pop at their new Sci-Fi tabletop wargame.

Aeternus Continuum Command Group - Warcaster

Aeternus Continuum Command Group // Warcaster

"The inscrutable Aeternus Continuum is a vast cult outlawed by both the Alliance and the Marcher Worlds. Primarily known and feared for their piracy, armed incursions, and violent abductions, few outsiders recognize the true scale or purposes of this shadowy organization. To those who face the Continuum in battle, they are savage and unpredictable combatants. They take from anyone weaker than them in order to fuel their war machine. And because of that, they are able to bring a significant military force to bear that belies their apparent numbers. And with Warcasters infamous for ruthless tactics and a wanton disregard for the lives of their own troops, tales of encounters with an Aeternus Continuum war-host have become the stuff of nightmares."

Iron Star Alliance Command Group - Warcaster

Iron Star Alliance Command Group // Warcaster

"The Iron Star Alliance is a vast interplanetary coalition of nations and chartered corporations that have been bound together in the name of progress and mutual defense. Their core objective is to provide security for its allied nations by way of aggressive expansion throughout the galaxy. To accomplish this, the Alliance has established an unparalleled military presence across the Thousand Worlds, with legions of elite Paladin shock troopers that can be deployed anywhere within their dominion quickly and with formidable effect. Through significant tribute extracted from its member-nations, the Iron Star Alliance is able to afford the most advanced technology and weapons for its military, and its Warcasters enjoy abundant benefits as the galaxy’s most celebrated martial heroes."

Marcher Worlds Command Group - Warcaster

Marcher Worlds Command Group // Warcaster

"The Marcher Worlds is a Coalition of Free States, unified by their resistance to outside governance. Often settled on harsher or more hostile planets in the Hyperuranion, those who inhabit the Marcher Worlds are resourceful, adaptable, and stalwart, or they would not be able to survive in the conditions they do, much less repel the advances of the Alliance as well as many other threats to civilization. Their militias and militaries make due with what they have and employ unconventional strategies and tactics to overcome their adversaries. Coalition Warcasters range from devoted patriots fighting for the freedom of their people to renowned mercenaries ready to sell their talents to the highest bidder."

Each of the sets here come with a pair of Solos who will be leading the way plus a selection of miniatures which can be used to form up a squad that protect your advance. You also get a Light Warjack as part of the set which becomes your muscle!

As well as the miniatures you'll also find all of the additional elements you need in order to play. That means cards, dice and also the Warcaster Rulebook. Things can then be expanded upon either further with named characters and such which you can find HERE on the Privateer Press webstore.

Are you liking the look of Warcaster?

"As well as the miniatures you'll also find all of the additional elements you need in order to play..."

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