Warcaster: The Thousand Worlds Kickstarter Now Live

July 14, 2021 by brennon

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Privateer Press is now live with more Warcaster: Neo-Mechanika Kickstarter for a brand new campaign. The Thousand Worlds offers up brand new Sci-Fi miniatures for the factions in the game and more.

The Thousand Worlds Kickstarter - Warcaster NEW

The Thousand Worlds Kickstarter Now Live // Warcaster

The new campaign follows the ongoing exploits of the various factions in Hyperuranion. New Faction Cadres are front and centre of this campaign which will offer up a full set of miniatures for you to tinker with around a new theme.

Alliance Regulators - Warcaster

Alliance Regulators // Warcaster

Dragoon Air Cavalry - Warcaster

Dragoon Air Cavalry // Warcaster

As well as all of the new Faction Cadres, you can also pick up a new The Thousand Worlds Sourcebook which will contain rules and lore for this expanding Warcaster campaign.

The Thousand Worlds Book - Warcaster NEW

The Thousand Worlds Book // Warcaster

This particular book will fold all of the previously published game rules into a single tome whilst also updating the force-building requirements you'll need to adhere to. It will also feature errata and such from previous rules documents for Warcaster.

Terminus Cabal - Warcaster

Terminus Cabal // Warcaster

As well as the miniatures for the different Cadres and the new Sourcebook, we also have some new miniatures in the form of Wild Card Heroes too. Pledge levels will offer up you the chance to get one or all of them free which is pretty neat. There will, of course, also be all manner of stretch goals and such that will give you access to more miniatures.

The Harbingers of Cyriss - Warcaster

The Harbingers Of Cyriss // Warcaster

This new Kickstarter comes with all manner of fun options for those who have been enjoying Warcaster so far.

Pledge Options

There are a couple of pledge options for you to choose from when it comes to diving into the newest campaign.

Commander Pledge - Warcaster

Commander Pledge // Warcaster

The Commander Pledge gives you one of the lower end pledge options. This comes with a variety of the different Hunter Cadres to play around with including some of the Wild Card Heroes mentioned above.

Void Master Pledge - Warcaster

Void Master Pledge // Warcaster

You can also get your hands on the BIG Void Master Pledge which comes with a range of additional heroes, solos and Wild Cards for you to include in your force. If you a fiend for all things Warcaster then this is the pledge to take a peek at.

The Thousand Worlds Kickstarter Now Live // Warcaster

Make sure to check out the campaign and let us know if you're going to be backing this.

Which of the factions are you most drawn to? Let us know what you think in the comments below...

"Which of the factions are you most drawn to?"

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