Warlord Games Rouse The Germanic Hordes For SPQR

November 5, 2019 by brennon

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Warlord Games has been banding together new forces which will look to the borders of Rome's Empire with eager eyes. A lot of Germanic warriors are now available for you to pick up for your games of SPQR and beyond.

Germania Heroes - Warlord Games

Grab Your Germanic Hordes @ Store.OnTableTop

Leading the way we have some new Heroes for you to throw into the mix as leaders for your warbands. One of the key things about the Germanic tribes is that they were buoyed on to victory and feats of strength by their iconic leaders and their masses of wild and hardened warriors with a penchant for being shirtless and bloodthirsty.

Their band of notable heroes would be a good way to take control of the battlefield and even if you don't have the martial formality of the Roman Empire you do have warriors who believe that they can fight on and on...and on. They also look seriously cool with their bare chests and fur pelts.

The Backbone Of Your Army

One of the key things about running Germanic forces is that you are looking to overwhelm your enemy with the weight of numbers. That's where the likes of these warriors come in, armed with all sorts of borrowed and stolen weaponry and ready to die for their leaders.

Germania Warriors - Warlord Games

As well as these warriors who will be taking the battle to the enemy up close and personal there's also Archers which will be able to harry folks from afar.

Germania Tribesmen Archers - Warlord Games

These warriors might be either too young or too poor to afford their own arms and so get a bow shoved into their hands instead. I think the models for these fellows look good, scampering skirmishers who would annoy the more heavily armed warriors of the Roman Empire. It is a shame all the poses look so similar but I suppose with enough of a different paint job it will look more unique.

You can also look to build up your force with some Cavalry too.

Germania Horsemen - Warlord Games

Whilst these warriors aren't looking to get stuck in during a proper charge against massed infantry they will delight in chasing off skirmishers and stragglers from the enemy army. If your enemy has no reinforcements coming into play and no chance of rallying then they will start to collapse quickly.

A Mighty Germanic Army

As well as the single set releases which you see here there is also the option to pick up a whole 1000 Denarii Warband.

1000 Denarii Germanic Warband - Warlord Games

Now that is a wild-looking warband and with the Skyclad Warriors in the mix as well, this would be a fearsome force for your foe to face on the tabletop. I love the idea of playing Barbarian hordes who are eager to make the Romans pay at every opportunity!

Are you going to be picking up a big Germanic horde for SPQR?

"I love the idea of playing Barbarian hordes who are eager to make the Romans pay at every opportunity!"

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