Warploque Miniatures Tease New Ourks & Beasts For ArcWorlde

January 8, 2021 by brennon

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Warploque Miniatures are working hard to bring a selection of new releases to the Fantasy realm of ArcWorlde later this year. Their Ourk range has been tweaked and an updated selection of characters and creatures will be coming to tabletops soon we hope!

Dreameater & Boglin - ArcWorlde

Dreameater & Boglin // ArcWorlde

Leading the way we have this exceptionally fun looking Dreameater & Boglin combination going on. I really like the animated features that Warploque are able to sculpt into their figures and they always look like they're going to pop right off the screen.

There is always something going on in the miniatures too and they're never truly static pieces. It means that when gaming they feel like they belong in the world and as a hobbyist you can have a lot of fun painting them too to heighten this effect!

Keeping with the theme of wild and crazy we also have this mighty Brewzerker who shows off you don't have to be a Dwarf to enjoy your beer.

Brewzerker - ArcWorlde

Brewzerker // ArcWorlde

I love that he seems genuinely delighted to be roaming around with alcohol in hand, ready for battle and to keep his thirsty comrades fuelled up. Again, there is a lot of character and animation drilled into the core of the miniature and plenty of fun opportunities for painters to get stuck in and have fun too.

We finish on something monstrous as ArcWorlde will also be home to a new creature too! The Ourks are going to be bringing this Hydra into play. I do not want to be the little fellow with the stick who has to goad this thing forward!

Hydra - ArcWorlde

Hydra // ArcWorlde

As always, especially with their monsters, Warploque has outdone themselves and I think this is going to be another prize miniature for someone's collection. I am a big fan of grim and brutal Fantasy but I love it when you get a dose of the whimsical alongside it all. I think it fits with the dark humour that we British have come to perfect over the years!

What do you make of these fancy new Ourks?

"I am a big fan of grim and brutal Fantasy but I love it when you get a dose of the whimsical alongside it all..."

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