Warploque Are Sculpting Away On New ArcWorlde Adversaries

January 7, 2020 by brennon

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Warploque Miniatures has been showing off more of the models they have been working on in the wake of their big Kickstarter campaign for the new edition of ArcWorlde. A selection of wonderful looking characters are in the mix.

Undead Ogre - Warploque Miniatures

The first of the models that we're looking at is the mighty Undead Ogre here who has a sneaky little rider hanging out on his back. Obviously the model is still in a little bit bit of flux but this gives you a great idea of how the final piece is going to look. I love that this poor fellows method of death is still apparent through his shoulder.

As well as the sword stabbed through his body the creature also swings around a mighty club which features what appears to be a gravestone wedged within the wood.

Elves & Dancing Creatures

Following on from the undead there are also some previews for the more fae creatures from ArcWorlde. First up, one of the Wild Elven Warrior with a Lichenhawk.

Wild Elven Warrior & Lichenhawk - Warploque Miniatures

As I have said before I love the very alien look that Warploque Miniatures have been able to develop for their Elves. The thin and wispy look of the Elves works really well and yet you can tell the malice which exists within their features. They are no pushovers; instead deadly and brutal when on the hunt.

We also have this wonderful creation, the glorious Peagryph. You could have a lot of fun painting up this miniature and making sure that you get all amounts of indulgent colours into its tail and body.

Peagryph - Warploque Miniatures

It is well worth checking out more from ArcWorlde over on Facebook and of course over on their website HERE too. There is a lot of goodness out there, brilliant sculpts which take a different approach to the traditional Fantasy worlds we wander on the tabletop.

What do you make of these new previews?

"...brilliant sculpts which take a different approach to the traditional Fantasy worlds we wander on the tabletop"

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