Werewolves & Warriors Clash As Wrathborn Kickstarter Goes Live

October 3, 2018 by brennon

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Wrathborn, a new skirmish-level miniatures game, is now available on Kickstarter. Created in conjunction with Lion Tower Miniatures this game pits the forces of the Norndrassel against the Children Of Sha in a clash for dominance.

Wrathborn Main Image

The rules for the game are currently up to download for free, giving you a glimpse into the world without having to back the Kickstarter just yet. You can find the Beta Rulebook over on the Lion Tower Miniatures webstore and give it a look at your leisure.

The focus of this campaign is to bring the two main factions to life. The first is the Viking themed Norndrassel.

Norndrassel - Wrathborn

You'll have seen plenty of previews of these models over the last few months as we've followed the development of their model range. They are going up against the faction that pretty much everyone I've talked to loves, the Children Of Sha.

Painted Lycan - Wrathborn

This image above shows off one of the finished miniatures that was painted up by the wonderful hand of Angel Giraldez. It looks rather fancy indeed I'd say and gives you an idea of how your models will look rather than just seeing renders.

As well as these two factions the campaign hopes to unlock additional ones through their stretch goals including the very Pious warriors from the Kingdoms Of Aner’a and the Jade Empire who are based on Far Eastern History and Mythology.

Exclusive Battle Scarred Jarl

As well as the models for each Starter Set you'll also be able to snag yourself this Kickstarter Exclusive Jarl who looks like he has been in the wars.

Campaign Exclusive Jarl - Wrathborn

He is very much like the other Jarl you'll have seen but with a weapon swap, no helmet and a battered shield which has no doubt seen the claws of a Lycan.

The game has been in development for six years so it's worth taking a look at it as it will have gone through the ringer when it comes to playtesting one would hope! The miniatures are also by Lion Tower Miniatures who were shortlisted for the best range at UK Games Expo this year which is awesome.

Are you going to be taking a peek at this campaign?

"The miniatures are also by Lion Tower Miniatures who were shortlisted for the best range at UK Games Expo this year which is awesome..."

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