Westfalia’s Pride Knights Now Available & Teasers Ahoy!

November 24, 2020 by brennon

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Westfalia Miniatures has now made the Fantasy Pride Knights, previously available via Kickstarter, an option to buy over on their webstore. Take a peek at these sculpts by Boris Woloszyn which are joined by many more by this talented fellow.

Pride Knights - Westfalia Miniatures

Pride Knights // Westfalia Miniatures

The Pride Knights are an awesome set of female warriors who would be excellent as your new Fantasy warband or as Dungeons & Dragons heroes to use on the tabletop. You've got a mix of different looking characters here from Rogues through to Fighters, Wizards and Barbarians.

What's Coming Up Next?

As well as the Pride Knights by Woloszyn you've also got a look ahead at what Westfalia Miniatures has got coming around the corner including this Halfling Lass...

Halfling Lass - Westfalia Miniatures

Halfling Lass // Westfalia Miniatures

...who would make an awesome Rogue for you to use during your adventures. I love that she's still got the hairy feet! She's also armed with plenty of blades and bolts. As a brutal man once said, "you can never have too many knives".

It was also inevitable that you'd get this particular character popping up too. Here is Thorgrim & Child!

Thorgrim & Child - Westfalia Miniatures

Thorgrim & Child // Westfalia Miniatures

Watch out for these miniatures popping up through Patreon as part of the One Gold Piece project which Westfalia has been working on. There are plenty of fun miniatures popping up from Westfalia for you to drop into your tabletop games.

What do you make of the miniatures here?

"There are plenty of fun miniatures popping up from Westfalia for you to drop into your tabletop games..."

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