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Zealot Miniatures Find A Mimic Down In Their Dungeon!


Zealot Miniatures has been delving down into dungeons again and with Litchmyre around the corner, I would assume you’re soon going to be seeing this Mimic pop out of the odd chest of drawers!

The Gargoyle Of Litchmyre Dungeon Roars Defiant For Zealot Miniatures


Litchmyre Dungeon, a new campaign from Zealot Miniatures which is launching in the near future, now welcomes its mighty Gargoyle thanks to the work of Boris Woloszyn Miniatures.

Delve Into The Litchmyre Dungeon With Zealot Miniatures


Zealot Miniatures are working alongside Boris Woloszyn Miniatures to bring together an awesome collection of dungeon delving monsters and heroes for you to use in your board games, role-playing games and skirmish wargames.