Boris Woloszyn Shows Off More Weird & Wonderful Miniatures

June 14, 2022 by brennon

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Boris Woloszyn has been showing off more of his amazing sculpting work recently over on Facebook. Many of these Fantasy miniatures are destined for Westfalia Miniatures but others might be destined for other projects too.

Calixtus The Immortal - Boris Woloszyn

Calixtus, The Immortal // Boris Woloszyn

The big new preview was for Calixtus, The Immortal which has been in the work-in-progress stage for a little while now. The model is impressively daemonic and would happily find a place in all manner of strange and esoteric games I don't doubt.

I love all the little details that start to show themselves as you peruse the miniature. You've got the screaming faces of souls within the neck and that woman approaching from the heart of the beast. Is that the true nature of Calixtus or some poor souls that they prize more highly than the rest?

There is a real sense of "excess" to the miniature that ties it in with the various Deadly Sins and it would be a perfect option for games like Reign In Hell and the upcoming IDOLS of TORMENT.

More From The Woloszyn Workbench

As well as the towering 140mm Calixtus, we also had a few more previews over the last few weeks. One of these was for a Westfalia-bound Death Knight of sorts.

Undead Lord - Boris Woloszyn

"Death Knight" // Boris Woloszyn

I've named the miniature Death Knight for want of a better title but I think this fellow would be a solid boss choice for a roleplaying adventure. Imagine him awakening from a tomb at the end of a dungeon, ready to send you packing with that mean hammer of his.

The negative space within the centre of the miniature is going to be fascinating to see when the final miniature pops up. You certainly need to give him a glowing heart or something that should be the target of your archer's eye!

Next up, we have two miniatures that are also bound for Westfalia's collection.

Ollowain & Troll - Boris Woloszyn

Ollowain & Troll // Boris Woloszyn

This shows off the daring Elven warrior Ollowain coming up against a lumbering Troll. The attention to detail in Ollowain's face is superb and I like how the angular features of this Elf warrior have been captured so well. I appreciate a good cloak as well so that gets a thumbs up too!

The Troll is not to be overlooked of course. All the ripples and creases in the skin are going to be fun to work with when it comes to shading and highlighting. The face also gives me the sense that this fellow doesn't take any nonsense from interlopers!

If you like these miniatures, make sure to take a closer look at what Boris does with random things like old leather chairs and fluff from the drain!

Are you going to be keeping an eye out for the release of these miniatures?

"The big new preview was for Calixtus, The Immortal..."

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