Forge Of Doom Brings Classic Fantasy Characters To Life

February 13, 2019 by brennon

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Forge Of Doom has called on the sculpting prowess of Boris Woloszyn Miniatures as three new characters get added to their webstore, each with a familiar look to them. First up we have The Dark Prophet.

The Dark Prophet - Forge Of Doom

Soon this rather mild-mannered fellow will be heading out to cut the head off of a Barbarian mother. I like the detail in the sculpt and he'd make for an awesome villain you could throw into the mix during a long-running campaign.

Perhaps, like Conan, you'd meet him when you were fighting out some small skirmishes only to be defeated and spared by him. Suddenly your quest for revenge would have you crossing the lands looking for him!

We also have two additional characters from Boris Woloszyn for you to check out including Luctator The Merciless...

Luctator The Merciless - Forge Of Doom

...and Hammersen The Grim. Both of these fellows would be awesome additions to an evil retinue, perfect henchmen to serve under The Dark Prophet on the tabletop.

Hammersen The Grim - Forge Of Doom

The Snake Cult needs its defenders and you could easily use these as mini-bosses in a campaign perhaps. Have them seeded around the world for your players to run into, battling them and weakening the hold that The Dark Prophet has on the world.

What do you think of the new releases?

"Both of these fellows would be awesome additions to an evil retinue..."

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