A Mighty Band Of Barbarians Ravage The Lands With Elladan

September 20, 2019 by avernos

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Elladan have just released a savage septuplet of barbarians on the world. Sculpted by Boris Woloszyn and Kev White are responsible for parting me with my money once again!

Elladan Barbarians

They would easily fit into a warband or skirmish game like Savage Core but equally could become a roving party of adventurers for a roleplaying group.

Looking at Kev's work first we have three variations of Halla

Elladan Halla Dolly

Naked Halla is a skyclad lady, as Kev always starts with the anatomically correct dolly and sculpts clothes and armour on afterwards this mini could be used as is, or is an ideal opportunity to try out sculpting for yourself.

Elladan Halla Axe

Halla the Firm is an axe wielder, clad in leather and furs and ready to make a mess of someone's haircut.

Elladan Halla

Armoured Halla a sword-wielding Red Sonja like barbarian not to be trifled with. I love Kev's sculpting style and even though they are essentially modified versions of the same miniature, all three could easily grace the table together without looking too repetitive.

Boris has four more diverse sculpts to choose from, first up with have Vali

Elladan Vali

Vali has the look of an older Barbarian one who has fought his battles and these days is less likely to go beserk but still more than capable of winning a fight.

Elladan Einarr

Einaar, on the other hand, is the epitome of a frothing barbarian, launching himself into what is probably a horde of temple guards attempting to stop his flight with a stolen gem, this is a miniature that I can see many picking up to paint even if they have no game to use him in.

Elladan Aalen

Aalen a dual-wielding axeman is quietly creeping up on some unsuspecting guard asleep at his post if he's lucky he'll wake with a splitting headache. If he's not lucky he'll just end up with a split head!

Elladan Skadi

Finally, we have Skadi a terrific pose full of quiet menace and character, and it's well worth visiting the page and checking out the Lloyd shot, the stance and flowing lines of the haft make this pose far from static.

I have to say I'm a big fan of both sculptors and the work they have done here for Elladan is as excellent as always.

Will you be despoiling a temple with this band of rogues? 

"Elladan have just released a savage septuplet of barbarians on the world..."

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